“I like how it (LSLA) inspires kids to try sports that they never heard of or might have been interested in before. I like how also in the morning, they give inspiring speeches of people who were looked down on and never gave up.“ – 2019 Tennis Camper

“Being able to take an opportunity that isn’t really offered in my community”. (Improvements during LSLA) “Leadership skills, helping others, and much more confidence”. – 2019 Soccer Camper

(one word to describe LSLA):“opportunity” – 2019 Volleyball Camper

(do you feel prepared for the coming season) “Yes, because I know if I’m being challenged here, I’ll be challenged in other places, so I’ll be prepared” 2019 Basketball Camper

Improvements Made

How do you think you improved?

  • Mostly in my confidence. I am less afraid” -Kaylie, age 16
  • I was able to improve my leadership skills and my teamwork skills” -Lismari, age 17
  • I got more active with fitness” -Martorie, age 16
  • I improved to be a better person and player” -Nahyaliz, age 16

What would you be doing?

What would you be doing if you didn’t participate in LSLA?

  • “I’d be at home watching TV” -Sergio, age 11
  • “At home and sleeping”  -Mia, age 13
  • “Sitting and eating” -Kaylie, age 16
  • “Sleeping in my house bored” -Maria, age 16